About Forever Embryo™

Forever Embryo™ is a trademark of Vitronova LLC located in Houston, TX.  Our DNA sequence preserving service is an alternative to discarding embryos. It is not an alternative to embryos cryostorage for subsequent implantation into the uterus. We are NOT a clinical laboratory and perform neither FDA regulated nor any other type of testing.

Ariella Benjaminov

I am a University of Texas Alumni with a degree in Psychology.

While an aspiring psychologist, I became concerned with the emotional distress caused by the difficult decision of parting ways with one's extra embryos - an unintended consequence of a successful IVF treatment.

We offer our Forever Embryo™ service as an alternative to discarding excess embryos. Although it may not be for everyone, but I believe it is a better approach than tossing embryos into the biohazard bina and will offer comfort and closure to many former IVF patients.  

I know that some former patients can’t afford the Forever Embryo™ service. If you are one of them, please email me at: ariella@vitronova.com as we provide a free service for several patients experiencing financial hardship every month.

If you have any questions, please email me directly and I will reply to you within the next business day.

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