Forever Embryo

Forever Embryo - DNA Time Capsule

Forever Embryo™ DNA sequence time capsule

A meaningful closure to an IVF journey 

Saving a Blueprint of Life  

Whether you believe that life begins at conception or not, the life of each and every one has began at that very moment, when a unique combination of genes was created. 

This combination is so unique that it will never be repeated in the history of human civilization. 

Similarly, each of those extra embryos has a unique combination of yours and your loved one's DNA. 

We believe that preserving that DNA is a more meaningful closure to a successful IVF cycle, than discarding extra embryos as biological waste. 

This also creates, although remote, a  possibility of bringing this DNA to life in the future when advancing technology makes that possible.

By giving a meaningfull closure to the highly emotional IVF journey, we are taking the reponsibility for our actions.

Visual experience

The DNA is stained with a special dye that can be seen with the Forever Embryo™ built-in microscope.

Can be stored at room temperature  

Once the DNA is fixed onto a glass plate, it can be brought home and stored at room temperature.

Dispose of with dignity at
any time

If you decide that you do not want to keep the glass plate with the DNA, simply dispose of it in a suitably dignified manner

Can an embryo
be brought back
to life using the 

saved DNA sequence?

Not at this time, but scientific progress suggests that it may be possible in the future.

The science of today has almost all the elements required to make this possible one day. 

In fact, recent discoveries have proven that as long as the DNA sequence is available, a cell can be reanimated.

We believe that in 50-100 years, the technology to revive embryos from DNA will exist.

Using CRISPR, it may even be possible to take a donor cell nucleus and replace unique parts of the embryo with its DNA material.